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Dr. Van Osdel is a wonderful dentist We have been through many dental problems together and I am always so grateful she is my dentist. I think her staff are lovely and her dental Hygienist is caring and thorough.
By Celest M. on October 26, 2017


Dr. Van Osdel is AMAZING! She is a must for anyone who is scared of dentists. She will make your experience calm and pleasant and that's saying a lot for a dentist. If you ever have an issue with a tooth she will get you in to fix it. I've used her for years, she and her staff are friendly, efficient and professional.
By Robin F. on August 24, 2017


Dr. V., Laura, and the staff make patients feel welcome and treat everybody with gentleness and kindness. They get to know you as a person and make you feel comfortable. Everything is explained, and all worries are eased. I would not go anyplace else.
By Miriam L. on June 29, 2017


Have had Dr. Van Osdel as my dentist for years now and would go nowhere else. The best care, the best hygienists and a friendly front desk staff. I finally splurged on Invisalign and straightened my crooked teeth. It went by super-fast, was painless and just like its name, was truly invisible. I'm in the food business and taking them in and out was super simple. I had trouble flossing prior to this necessitating more frequent cleanings, but now the cleanings are less frequent, and flossing is actually enjoyable. Thanks for the support Team Osdel!
by Joseph S. on January 20, 2017


For a well-traveled, educated, grown adult male of almost 50 years - you would think that going to the dentist would be no big deal. Well, you would be wrong. Throughout my entire life, I'd almost rather do anything than sit in that chair. And no, I'm not going to say that I now look forward to it but Virginia now has me coming every 6 months instead of every 18 months. Ok, maybe 24. Why? It's simple, they make it painless and easy. Dr. Van Osdel and crew are personable, professional, thorough and attentive of their client's needs and work schedules 100% of the time. But hey, don't listen to me, the fewer people who know this - the better for those of us who do. So shhhh, it's a secret, nothing to see here......
By Dirk G. on April 30, 2017


WOW!!! I felt like I was in the presence of a true master – not just of the art of her craft, but of the art of understanding people. I was treated as a person with my concerns and fears - not as a set of teeth that needed some work. After a year of searching for the "perfect" person to do the work I need done, I have finally found the right dentist for me - and, believe it or not, am actually excited to finally get this work done!! The only challenge, so far, is parking around the building. I will conquer that one in order to do what needs to be done to have fabulous teeth the rest of my life!
by Berti K. on November 15, 2016


I cannot recommend Dr Van Osdel and her entire team enough. The best dental care possible in every way. I have and will continue to refer people to Dr V 's office so that they, too can experience the ultimate in dental care!
by Anon on November 16, 2016


It is always a pleasure to make the trip to West Hollywood to go to the dentist! I have been a loyal patient since the mid 1980's. Dr. Van Osdel is a fantastic dentist and a wonderful person. My experiences with the dental hygienists have always been excellent- they are very attentive, friendly and thorough. The office staff are very personable professional and helpful.
by Lore O. on October 12, 2016


They were wonderful, thorough, and put me at ease and I hate dentist visits.
by Linda S. on October 4, 2016

Virginia Van Osdel is a consummate professional...I have a super sensitive mouth, thus am never thrilled to be spending time in the chair, but she and her team make it as comfortable as possible....She is an expert dentist and cares a lot about her patients...She gets it done quickly, painlessly and she is a delightful person as well. The office is clean, and she seems to always have the newest most high tech equipment. Highly recommended!
by Lyn H. on August 5, 2016


Virginia is the best dentist in Los Angeles. Going to a dentist can be difficult though she is always gentle, easy to talk to and makes you glad you went to the dentist. The hygienists are just as incredible. If you’re looking for a dentist that cares about her patients Dr. Van Osdel is the one.
by Jim T. on June 17, 2016


I have been a patient of Dr. Van Osdel's for years and she has always given me the best of care. She explains every step of what she is doing, which is very reassuring, and she keeps up on the latest dental research. I have had some unusual dental problems and she has always solved them for me. Her office is friendly and welcoming just like she is. That's why I keep coming back!
by Stephanie R. on June 8, 2016

She has been my dentist over 30 yrs.... she’s the best!!!!
By Robin C. on October 17, 2017


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